Disco Diaries 73: Curated By Cleopold - LessThan3 (blog)

Miami Horror feat. hold out for the drum break at 2:40--not being missed.

I appear forward to hearing this tune in a stay setting. The Actual Australian singer-songwriter and also multi-instrumentalist features collaborated with just about all the a couple of involving the finest musicians in the game and carries on to grow his personal fanbase together with groovy beats and a distinct vocal design that anyone simply can't aid however sing together to.

Mike Mareen - dancing in The Dark

iTunes buy here. Right Away picked up simply by Chet Faker's Detail Co. Aaron Miller & Gavin Turek - Cellophane (So Cruel) [Haven Sounds/Dine Alone]

andhim - Hausch [Get Physical]

After lending his outstanding vocals to end up being able to Cassian's running as well as Miami Horror's love like Mine, Cleopold unleashed his debut single as a new possible independent artist on June 30. Their Own drummer Kosta really takes it to a different level.

Beatport obtain here.

https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/215786011. Whenever he returns through his current tour alongside Miami Horror, fans can look forward in order to a lot more Chet-Faker approved Cleopold tunes.

When have not heard the particular name Cleopold thus far, you may expect to http://discobistroec4.co.uk have familiar very soon. Press play, delve in to his commentary below, and revel in the rest associated with Cleopold's jams here.

This monitor screams summer and also helps make me want they tend to be driving with almost all the windows down as well as engage a segway in Venice Beach.

Mr. record label, Down in Flames is definitely an undeniable manifestation regarding Cleopold's emerging talent. Aaron Miller & Gavin Turek - Cellophane (So Cruel) [Haven Sounds Inc./Dine By Yourself music Inc.]

Today, Cleopold provides a sneak peak directly into his well-rounded audio library, curating the Disco Diaries playlist perfectly match to obtain a Monday afternoon pick-me-up. Your singer sounds such as Michael McDonald, and also the lead hook really complements a new the majority of superb pre-chorus. Oizo - iSOAP [Brainfeeder]

Beatport purchase here.

andhim - Hausch [Get Physical]

Miami Horror feat.

Bag Raiders - Wonderland

Bag Raiders - Wonderland

Mr. any winning mixture that will inspires me in order to commit more time playing instruments as well as a shorter period facing the particular computer.


I love this track. Oizo - iSOAP [Brainfeeder]


Offensive tones and booze-y guitar...


Mike Mareen - Bouncing in The dark (Galactica-Remix)

A party thumper which makes me want to flip up

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